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This Week in “Favourite Songs of Forever”: Spooky Black

I remember the first time I listened to Spooky Black. Down at the bottom of the related and recommended videos side bar on YouTube was this song, and being in the web surfing mood I was in, I decided to check it out. So the video starts, looking like a 1995 home video with some … Continue reading

This Week In "Favourite Songs of Forever": SonReal

Back when MuchMusic still played music instead teen soap operas and stupid high-school drama shows… My story behind this song comes from a few years ago. Me and a friend were watching TV at my place after a night of partying. I can’t remember if we were watching Rap City or The Wedge (I’m pretty … Continue reading

This Week In "Favourite Songs of Forever": Bon Iver

Narrowing down Bon Iver’s catalogue down to one favourite track is near impossible for me. In all honestly, you will probably see more of him in “Favourite Songs of Forever”, but for now let’s just focus on this one. The irony here is this isn’t even an original, and it’s a live version… but hear … Continue reading

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