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Swagazine Weekly is on temporary hiatus

Exam period is a dark and scary time, so for the time being, Swagazine Weekly is on temporary hiatus as I try my best to not turkey it. I know you’re probably feeling like that cat right there, but I THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE. And please, stay tuned as I will be back in … Continue reading

Kanye Yeezus Tour Video

If you’re like me, then you had tickets to see Kanye’s legendary production of a tour, but he cancelled the show… twice… so you went and saw Earl Sweatshirt instead. Well, if that is the case, perhaps John Colandra can help heal the wound. The fellow compiled a 2-hour film of fan footage from stops all throughout the tour. Maybe its not exactly the same experience, but hopefully it can give you an idea of what you missed out on. Continue reading

Drizzy back on his worst behaviour


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