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Swagazine’s Picks: Top 10 Beats of 2015

I wasn’t procrastinating, I was just waiting to make sure I didn’t miss anything. 2015 has been a magnificent year for Hip Hop (even up until the last minute). Albums, collaborations, performances, cultural domination… you name it. So without further ado, lets look back on the best beats of the year, starting the list off … Continue reading

Introducing News of the Week

From this point onward, all current events will be compiled into a weekly retrospective post titled News of the Week. Each post will contain major events of the week and a thoughtful analysis to go along with them. STAY TUNED

It’s #SoXDay – Chance the Rapper and the Social Experiment release short film

In the build-up to their upcoming collaborative album Surf, Chance the Rapper and the Social Experiment release the short film “SoXDay”. Continue reading

Kanye Yeezus Tour Video

If you’re like me, then you had tickets to see Kanye’s legendary production of a tour, but he cancelled the show… twice… so you went and saw Earl Sweatshirt instead. Well, if that is the case, perhaps John Colandra can help heal the wound. The fellow compiled a 2-hour film of fan footage from stops all throughout the tour. Maybe its not exactly the same experience, but hopefully it can give you an idea of what you missed out on. Continue reading


Frank Ocean mysteriously just dropped a new track on his tumblr. This is Frank’s first piece of new material (other than features and collaborations) since his critically acclaimed channel orange. The lo-fi track (which is likely just a demo or draft) features makeshift percussion and an airy electric piano. Link below Memrise Frank is rumoured to … Continue reading

New $hit: Chance the Rapper

Chance shares a cut called “Sunday Candy” that is the happiest shit you’ve heard since his cover of the Arthur theme song Continue reading

Sad Boys are on top

Check out Yung Lean’s production heavy track “Volt” and Beautiful, Wonderful, the solo tape from his primary producer Yung Gud. Continue reading

New $hit – Pusha T and Tyler, the Creator

Pusha T’s “Lunch Money” features interesting production from Yeezus that sounds like a rythmic bubble machine in a wind storm. Listen below: Tyler, the Creator comes through with his first track since 2013’s WOLF, and it sounds like the love child of “Tamale” and “Jamba” with a fat bass synth and intricate percussion. Link below:

“Blame It On The Streets” (YG’s Movie) Official Trailer

YG’s short film “Blame It On The Streets”, which is based on his debut record My Krazy Life, now has a trailer. Check it out.

J. Cole Announces New Album

Earlier, J. Cole took to twitter to announce the release of his new album “2014 Forrest Hills Drive” Continue reading

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