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Sad Boys are on top

Check out Yung Lean’s production heavy track “Volt” and Beautiful, Wonderful, the solo tape from his primary producer Yung Gud. Continue reading


This Week in “Favourite Songs of Forever”: Spooky Black

I remember the first time I listened to Spooky Black. Down at the bottom of the related and recommended videos side bar on YouTube was this song, and being in the web surfing mood I was in, I decided to check it out. So the video starts, looking like a 1995 home video with some … Continue reading

Jaden Smith – Cool Tape Vol. 2

Although, generic was the last thing I would expect for Jaden Smith given all of this build up, it did not come as a let down
Continue reading

New $hit – Pusha T and Tyler, the Creator

Pusha T’s “Lunch Money” features interesting production from Yeezus that sounds like a rythmic bubble machine in a wind storm. Listen below: Tyler, the Creator comes through with his first track since 2013’s WOLF, and it sounds like the love child of “Tamale” and “Jamba” with a fat bass synth and intricate percussion. Link below:

“Blame It On The Streets” (YG’s Movie) Official Trailer

YG’s short film “Blame It On The Streets”, which is based on his debut record My Krazy Life, now has a trailer. Check it out.

J. Cole Announces New Album

Earlier, J. Cole took to twitter to announce the release of his new album “2014 Forrest Hills Drive” Continue reading

Drizzy back on his worst behaviour


Big Sean’s Vevo Go Show of IDFWU

Big Sean’s Vevo Go Show of “IDFWU” reminds us why we hate censorship

Youtube adds Disco and Funk to their Top Tracks page

Youtube adds Disco and Funk to their Top Tracks page Continue reading

Thank You Based God

Thank you BasedGod. Last Monday night, when I should have been taking advantage of my reading break by doing some much needed studying, I instead decided to go see the legendary Lil B the BasedGod.

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