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The Funk Lordz Delivered

FullSizeRenderDisco is on its way back baby. Although you may think that Daft Punk and their Random Access Memories are the holy messiahs of funk, let me assure you that the true conductors of this bandwagon are Chromeo. On the 25th the Frequent Flyer Tour made its stop in Vancouver, and the show was nothing but good vibes. Coming off their most recent album White Women, which displayed some of Chromeo’s more poppy and catchy sounds like “Jealous (I Ain’t Wit It)” and “Come Alive”, the show had a wonderful balance of new cuts mixed in with older hits of theirs

Starting their show off with their signature “CHROMEO-OOOHHHH-OHH” crowd chant, the duo then went into their fast paced dance tune ‘Night By Night”. The song got everybody in the mood to get sweaty and just dance. Following this, after the mood was set, Chromeo went into “Hot Mess”… fitting.

One thing Chromeo brought was an incredible light show. Leading up to their appearance on stage, the roadies were steady filling up the room with smoke so that when the band came out, the lights were outstanding. Complete with lazers, spotlights, strobes, and even a guitar with a mirror finish to bounce the light into the crowd, Chromeo made the bland Vogue theatre into and old school disco light show.

Some tracks from White Women included “Come Alive” and “Frequent Flyer”, where P Thug used his signature talk box to do Toro Y Moi’s part and the “Higher! Higher!” chorus section. Along with these was their first single off the album “Over Your Shoulder”, where they encouraged all the girls in the crowd to get on a guys shoulders.

Chromeo threw in some tracks for those that have been with them since early on, such as “Fancy Footwork”, “Bonafide Lovin”, and their best sing along “Momma’s Boy”.

Pretending to end the night with “Jealous”, after a long “CHROMEO-OOOHHHH-OHH” chant, the fellas came back out with a 3 song encore. First off was their most recent music video “Old 45’s”, that featured some nice booty shaking on stage by Dave 1. Next up was “Don’t Turn the Lights On”, a perfect track to keep the night going, and a perfect lead into their last track “Needy Girl”.

When it comes to good times, good vibes, and dancing, Chromeo delivered. From the lights to the music, Chromeo is bringing back disco one city at a time.



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