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Favourite Songs of Fovever

This Week In "Favourite Songs of Forever": SonReal

Back when MuchMusic still played music instead teen soap operas and stupid high-school drama shows…

My story behind this song comes from a few years ago. Me and a friend were watching TV at my place after a night of partying. I can’t remember if we were watching Rap City or The Wedge (I’m pretty sure it was the wedge), but we weren’t totally paying attention. But when this song came on, our attention switched to the TV. I remember it being close to 4am, but that didn’t stop us from totally vibing out to this track. Now, years later, and after listening to all of SonReal’s projects and seeing him live, I can honestly say, this probably isn’t my favourite track of his. BUT! The reason I decided to throw it on the “Favourite Songs of Forever” list is it was intriguing enough to catch my attention and make me want to listen to his other stuff, so I hope it does the same. “Already There” got me wanting to hear more of SonReal, and now he is undoubtably one of my favourite artists. So yeah… listen.



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