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Favourite Songs of Fovever

This Week In "Favourite Songs of Forever": Bon Iver

Narrowing down Bon Iver’s catalogue down to one favourite track is near impossible for me. In all honestly, you will probably see more of him in “Favourite Songs of Forever”, but for now let’s just focus on this one. The irony here is this isn’t even an original, and it’s a live version… but hear me out. Bonnie Rait’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me” is a pretty standard synthed-out pop-ballad from the early 90’s, but when Bon Iver does it…. literally tears. In this live piano rendition for AIR Studio’s, Justin Vernon is joined by Sean Casey (1st singer), who, if we pay any attention to the YouTube comment section, isn’t as well received. I don’t totally disagree; Casey’s vocals aren’t bad (He’s not off-key and his voice isn’t annoying or anything like that), but they aren’t exactly exciting either. However, why I like him in this song is he shows the incredible vocal talents of Justin Vernon (2nd singer) simply by contrast. I honestly cannot put into words how amazed I am by Vernon’s vocal performance here. You just have to listen. So yeah… uhhhh… listen.



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